The Purpose Of LRI

The Longitudinal Research Institute (LRI) is an LLC created in April, 2000 (in Charlottesville, VA) to provide experience and personnel to carry out the design, collection, and analysis of longitudinal behavioral science data. The role of LRI in the current project will be to provide expert consultation services for the development of related manuscript describing the development of the scales and the methodological issues to be considered in analyzing the data.

The Researchers

John J. McArdle

Founder of LRI

John Nesselroade

Co-Founder of LRI

Aki Hamagami

LRI East

Carol Prescott

LRI West

Emilio Ferrer

Davis Team

Kevin Grimm

Arizona State Team

Kelly Kadlec

Project Coordinator, Manager

Ryan Bowles


Ryne Estabrook


Nilam Ram


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LRI Collaborations

Longitudinal Research Institute, LLC

Pantops Center 536, PMB 152
Charlottesville, VA 22911

LRI's Financial Conflict of Interests Policy